Anyone paying attention will have noticed important conversations taking place around the need to increase diversity and be more inclusive in the wine industry. MUST – Fermenting Ideas wants to be part of this conversation.

In an industry that is changing in a multitude of ways, MUST – Fermenting Ideas is committed to diversity and inclusion that celebrates and recognizes the talent of all individuals, regardless of gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. We believe we have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to open the door to new and diverse perspectives.

Our goal at Must – Fermenting Ideas has always been to be more than just another event. We want to be inspirational and enlightening, while also offering an enjoyable experience. We want to discuss the industry from a variety of perspectives, and we are proud of our work and the talented and eclectic group of speakers, from many cultures and nationalities, that have participated so far.

However, we have more to do to become as diverse and inclusive as we aspire to be, and we want to shake things up at future Must – Fermenting Ideas conferences. The roster of speakers for Must – Fermenting Ideas 2019 is already complete, but we are currently planning the 2020 edition and actively seeking diverse voices.

To help us make it the best conference it can be, we’re interested in hearing your ideas and suggestions, particularly on topics related to Social Responsibility and Social Innovation in the wine industry. If you have a subject you think is worth exploring, or can recommend a speaker worth hearing, we would love to hear from you. We are especially interested in hearing about people who can bring new perspectives, who are from a under represented group, or who have been overlooked despite having something important to say.

Our door is open.

by Rui Falcão & Paulo Salvador